Navigating My Creative Block

Navigating My Creative Block

Somewhere a few months ago I hit a creative block. It’s sort of like writers block but, it applies to more than just writing. So I went into hiding…kind of. I still remained semi-active on my Instagram page but my blog and twitter got no love.

I missed uploading on my site so I became determined to get over this creative block and to get back to creating and uploading. I have made a lot of lifestyle changes over the past few months and I think they have really helped me to feel more inspired. Keep reading below to find out what I did to get my [creative] groove back. 

Let me just throw it out there that I have never been a healthy eater. Sure, I love salad and fruits and vegetables and sushi but I also love bacon, fried foods, potato chips, and anything drenched in BBQ sauce. So what changed?

Well, a friend suggested we do a monthly healthy eating challenge (no fast food). Okay. Then we did a month of no junk food. Then a monthly hydration challenge and a monthly clean eating challenge. Currently we are doing a monthly green smoothie challenge. All of these built upon each other over time and after a while it was no longer just isolated monthly challenges, it was a lifestyle.

I love eating organic and healthy now. I love making sure that I’m putting fresh, mostly organic, foods into my body and trying out new recepies has been so much fun. I still will make fried chicken or BBQ ribs as a cheat meal once in a while because it keeps my cravings at bay. Overall I have more energy than before, my skin is clearer than ever, I don’t get heartburn as much as I used to, and I feel great majority of the time.

Working out is something I never really had to do. I’ve always been active through dance or cheerleading or JROTC so I didn’t think that I needed to go to the gym. Combine that with the fact that I hardly ever gained weight so I definitely did not think working out was something that I needed to do. 

Well those days are long gone. I’m not as active anymore and running to catch the metro does not suffice as cardio. So when my partner began a fitness journey I tagged along for moral support. Over time I started to really love going to the gym and exercising. My body feels better. My body looks better. Mentally I feel stronger when I push through a hard workout.

Plus, being there to support her on her fitness journey has been a lot of fun. She inspires me to push harder each workout. She teaches me new exercises to try and always encourages me, even when I feel like I suck for still not being able to do a single pull-up. She is truly my biggest motivation and inspiration. * Shameless Plug* You can follow her fitness Instagram account HERE for pictures, videos, tips, healthy snacks and more. 

I have always kept some type of diary or journal for as long as I can remember. The past few years I have been incrediably stressed with graduate school and life so I haven’t journaled a lot. I would journal for a week and then not write again for months. Recently I have been doing better. I found a system that works for me and allows me to journal my thoughts when I need to and to feel a release of sorts.

One thing that I stopped doing is journaling about a lot of negative things. It’s easy to come home and vent to my journal about every little thing that pissed me off throughout the day. However, when I look back on my journals I want to remember good times. I don’t want to read these 10 years from now and it’s all random complaining. Plus, journaling about mostly positive things forces me to reflect on all of the moments that make my day good and instantly puts me in a better mood.

Sometimes the idea of “creating” can feel overwhelming. So I don’t give myself any parameters when I am trying to get those creative juices flowing. I go for a walk and take photos. I play around with new editing tricks. I use planner stickers to make planning out my week more fun. I honestly do anything. Even something as simple as doing my makeup is creating to me (if you’ve ever put on a full face of makeup, contour and highlight included, then you understand why I’m including this). I don’t always need to create an entire project at once. Just create something, anything. 

I always keep a list of ideas written down via pen and paper somewhere. Even if I don’t develop the idea right then and there I still have it for later. I literally have countless blog posts, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and Podcast episodes planned out and detailed out that I never created. But the ideas are still there. I can always go back and create those things. So when in doubt, write that idea down!

Having a strong support system is essential. Throughout these past few months I have grown closer to some old friends and have begun cultivating beautiful newer friendships. Having friends who are also creators helps because they tend to understand the inner dilema between the vulnerability and the freedom of creation. They push me to not be down on myself and they support all of my ideas, even when I don’t follow through. If you think this part is about you then it probably is so thank you for all of your continued love and support!

At some point I just had to press “post” and not look back. I tend to get a little bit of anxiety just before publishing anything or uploading any Instagram posts. However, once I hit post and see my final product I feel proud. I always feel proud because I went through with it and I did it. It never stops being a little nerve wrecking. But, I also never stop being proud of myself for pushing through. No matter how long of a break I take, it always feels good to post when I can and share my creativity and get feedback on it. 

That’s how I got through my creative block. Comment down below with some things that you do to help reignite your creativity! Until next time…




  1. Rae May 21, 2017 / 11:28 pm

    Love these ideas and most of them I already practice. One of the things that I’m really getting more in the habit of is just starting. Sometimes I can spend so much time wondering how I’m going to write something or do something that I waste valuable time. So for me, sometimes just starting helps tremendously. (And if I could stop binge-watching so often.)

    • Terria May 25, 2017 / 11:43 am

      That’s a great habit to get into. I tend to do the same thing. I will plan things out and waste so much time when really starting is the best way to learn. And who says you can’t binge watch WHILE you start? Haha

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