Best Memories of 2016!

Best Memories of 2016!

Welcome to my first post of 2017 and (of course) it is a recap of my best memories from 2016. Last year was amazing in so many ways. I got to do some traveling, made wonderful memories with friends, and got to spend a lot of time with family. I want to share my top 10 memories from 2016 and also 10 of my New Years resolutions but I will post my resolutions in the next post so this doesn’t get too long! 2016 was a special year and I am so excited for everything that 2017 brings. This is the year that I graduate with my Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. That is insane to me. I’m one step closer to being a licensed therapist, oh yeah! Anyways, lets get into these memories, shall we?


1. Babe Graduating – This was probably the highlight of my year. School is hard. Having a partner that is in school is hard because it requires a lot of sacrafice. After three long years Babe finished school and graduated and I couldn’t have been more happy for, and proud of, her. All of her hard work paid off and she is now working in her field and loving her job. Seeing her career goals come to fruition was something I will always cherish.

2. Cruise to the Bahamas – This was in celebration of the previously mentioned graduation. It was my second time going on a cruise to the Bahamas so this time I was a little more familiar with how everything worked. While in the Bahamas, I got hit in the head by a bird that tried to steal my french fry and then I got my first ever sun burn that was everywhere. On the fun side, I sang karaoke, drank out of a coconut on Paradise Beach, and got to spend quality time with Babe and her parents. Needless to say, I will never forget that trip. 

3. Florida to see my parents (twice) –  For those who may not know, I am a Floridian. Granted, my home state be trippin sometimes but it’s still the place where most of my family calls home. So, with my parents being down there and me being in Washington D.C I try to go home and visit them at least twice a year. I visited in the spring and then spent Christmas with them last year. It was so much fun, my parents are honestly my best friends. It was even more special because Babe came with me and we got to spend Christmas together just the four of us. Oh, did I mention that my parents added a hot tub to the back deck after my first visit? Yeah, I was extra excited for that. I made a travel vlog of my time there, you can see the blog post for it HERE or see the video itself on Youtube (and subscribe for more videos) HERE.

4. Cutting my relaxed ends off – For most of my life I have had pretty long hair (boob length or longer) and I got relaxers. My mom did them for me when I was a kid and when I was old enough I would put them in myself so I never had to spend a lot to keep up my straight hair. However, I did a trial run of growing my natural hair out and it was so much fuller and curlier. Then I relaxed it because I wasn’t ready to cut it yet but at the end of last March I did my “big chop”. I grew my hair out before I cut it so it wasn’t super short but I have honestly been loving it. My afro is everything to me and the bigger the fro, the better.

5. NOH8 Photoshoot – In the wake of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, being a part of this photoshoot meant a lot to me. I will admit, I was a little nervous walking up to it but once Babe and I got there, it was great. The energy was so positive and I personally needed that. Seeing my LGBT+ family sharing our love with each other and the camera was amazing. Plus, the day of the photoshoot was the 3 year anniversary of gay marriage being legalized so that made it even more special.

6. Getting my new camera – I really wanted a camera so that I could start documenting things more. Babe had graduation coming up and we had the cruise and holidays and I wanted something more than my phone to take pictures and video on. I also wanted to improve my pictures for my blog so I invested in a Sony A5100. It is a mirrorless camera with interchangable lenses and I am so in love. I named it Beau because it helps me capture all of the BEAUtiful moments in my life.

7. Love Me Well Photoshoot – This photoshoot was beyond fun. Tyece is the sweetest and she always keeps me laughing. The photographer, Jazz, made us feel comfortable and right at home. We were having so much fun it felt like the shoot flew by. The pictures came out amazing and our post on Tyece’s website was equally amazing. Link to that is HERE if you want to check it out.

8. M.I.A to see Rihanna -Obviously I saw many more artists but I was mostly excited for Rihanna.  It was my second year attending the Budweiser Made In America Festival and the previous year Beyonce was headlining so this year I had high expectations. Rihanna. Did. Not. Disappoint! She is so gorgeous in person, her energy is radiant, and her vocals were on point. Her lipstick was everything to me and I have probably 10 videos of her performance still on my phone. My life really needed this trip to see her. Thank you, Rihanna. Thank you, God, for giving us Rihanna.

9. Posting my first Vlog – I mentioned this earlier in the part about visiting my parents but I wanted to give the actual vlog it’s own number. I mostly made the vlog because I wanted to remember spending Christmas with my love and my parents. I had a blast filming it and editing it and sharing it with my parents and Babes parents. Babe picked out the song and it tied it all together. My (super adorable) mom and Babe’s (equally adorable) mom said they cried when they watched it so, to me, it was a success. The video is linked in number 3 if you want to check it out.

10. Celebrating 3 years with Babe – Typing this right now is interesting because we actually just celebrated our 4 year anniversary 11 days ago. I did a post on our first anniversay so I’ll link that HERE in case you want to check it out. Three years was nice. We were both in school still at that time so we didn’t plan anything super elaborate but I really appreciate the simple things. I really love our anniversary because I can tell everyone how much I love Babe without sounding too sprung. It is a reminder of the start of a beautiful life that we created together and I am blessed for each day I get to spend with her.

That’s all for today’s post! I recently changed up a few things on the blog so let me know what you think! If there is anything else you think I should add to make my blog better, comment below! Also if you have any requests for posts you want to see, leave that in a comment too. I’m really excited for 2017 and to see where life takes me this year! I am also excited to share the memories with you all. Until Next time…



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  1. Rae B January 21, 2017 / 4:32 pm

    Glad 2016 was great for you. Here’s to a new year! I hope it’s even better for you!

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