Navigating My Creative Block

Somewhere a few months ago I hit a creative block. It’s sort of like writers block but, it applies to more than just writing. So I went into hiding…kind of. I still remained semi-active on my Instagram page but my blog and twitter got no love. I missed uploading on my site so I became determined to get over this creative block and to get back to creating and uploading. I have made a lot of lifestyle changes over the past few months and I think they have really helped me to feel more inspired. Keep reading below to find out what I did to get my [creative] groove back.  Let me just throw it out there that I have never been a… View Full Post

Best Memories of 2016!

Welcome to my first post of 2017 and (of course) it is a recap of my best memories from 2016. Last year was amazing in so many ways. I got to do some traveling, made wonderful memories with friends, and got to spend a lot of time with family. I want to share my top 10 memories from 2016 and also 10 of my New Years resolutions but I will post my resolutions in the next post so this doesn’t get too long! 2016 was a special year and I am so excited for everything that 2017 brings. This is the year that I graduate with my Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. That is insane to me. I’m one step closer to being a licensed… View Full Post

December Ipsy Bag Review

Some of you may not know this but I am a makeup fanatic. I can spend hours a day watching makeup videos on youtube and learning new tips and tricks and hacks. My love of makeup led me to subscribe to a monthly beauty subscription. I know there are a ton out there but the one I went with is the Ipsy Glam Bag. I have been receiving the Ipsy Glam Bag for just over a year now. It’s only $10 a month and when I originally subscribed to Ipsy, there was a waiting list. It took months to finally get through and start getting my Ipsy bags. Now, you can just go straight to their website (here) and sign up and subscribe.… View Full Post

Christmas 2016 Vlog

Happy Holidays Everyone! I mentioned in a previous post that I have been getting more into photography and videography. Well, this year I went home to Florida to spend the holidays with my parents and my lovely girlfriend and I thought it would be fun to make a video to document a little bit of the trip and share it on my blog. For days leading up to the trip I joked with my parents that I was only coming home for Dad’s funky fried chicken and their new hot tub (both of which I thoroughly indulged in). However, they know that they are two of my bestest friends ever. Yes, I said “bestest”, just go with it. In all seriousness my parents are… View Full Post

I’m Back!

Y’all, 2016 is almost over. Since my last post I finished up yet another semester of school and I turned 27. I’ve been 27 for one month as of Friday. Crazy to think that I am now, officially, in my late twenties. It is also kind of exciting. I feel like a new chapter of my life is about to begin. 27 is the age that I will graduate with my masters degree. Eventually I will go back and get my Psy.D but I’m just going to work for a while with my Masters and enjoy not having school. It is also the age where my metabolism is finally starting to slow down a little bit so I am trying to eat more healthy… View Full Post